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  • Milestones – The best of modern Indian Literature for everyone
  • Masterclass – The Masterclass is where the Authors and living Legends share their views, inspiration, journey, and technique with aspiring writers.
  • Short Film – Series of short films based on real social issues
  • Cartoon Corner – Animation series

Writers with whose stories we grew up, who became our moral compasses, characters that became our friend and guide towards the change we all wished to see in the world.

Someone has rightly said that the greatness of any culture is defined by what art it gives birth to.

At RadioTalkies it was our humble effort to save what we still can of art in the fast-disappearing world of literature.

RadioTalkies would also like to bring/make/produce a composite of high-intensity dramas of multiple duration’s, each dealing with social issues that ask hard questions, revisits alternatives and tears into taboos that have kept us locked in an idealized world that has lost all its meaning.

Our goal is to share new experimental techniques that use Teleplay, Radio plays, Animation and Folk art to tell stories based on Indian Classics.

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